I realize I’ve been neglecting this blog lately and consistency, especially as a new blogger is so important. The summer just seems to have flown by though. I’ll definitely try to be better in the coming months!

With the cooler weather fast approaching, I’ve already started thinking about the new Fall items I want to add to my closet, because well who doesn’t love Fall fashion!

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I’ve recently come to realize that I’m a huge hoarder. I’m way too sentimental and hold on to everything, including Valentines Day cards from grade 2! . So the other day I decided to actually tackle the problem and get rid of some of my things.

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I absolutely hate having to deal with body hair. Anyone else agree? It’s like a constant annoyance, especially in the summer. I’ve been debating Laser Hair Removal for quite some time and I just recently started my treatments. I thought I’d give you some background information and provide updates regarding my treatments in case anyone else is still hesitant to try it.

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Anyone an Adam Sandler fan? You may recognize this location as the house from the movie Billy Madison! I’ll try to post some photos of the house itself later. The grounds are absolutely beautiful with multiple gardens and fountains. Toronto really has so many hidden gems.

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Powder Blue

Hope everyone had a great weekend! It’s finally BBQ weather!

I spent my Saturday watching the stage version of one of my favourite movies, The Sound of Music and it was amazing. I’m currently trying to figure out how to get myself to Austria!

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The Guild Toronto

I bought this hat about a year ago and I finally decided to wear it out today. I think it added a nice bit of colour to the outfit. It also worked to stop my hair from turning into a curly mess in the rain so it was a win win!

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